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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 

Wishing I was home!

Yes, my dears, I know that is has been practically a week that I have updated whatever you call this thing, HOWEVER, there is a rational explination of my absence on here and at the mansion. You see, Thanksgiving was just so wonderful, that I wanted to stay at the my brother's and I's mansion for a couple more days. Although, it seemed like a good idea it first, it wasn't at all, I'm afraid. But first onto the explination of Thanksgiving:

I awoke early Thanksgiving morning, wondering if we were actually going to celebrate Thanksgiving there. I mean, Thanksgiving is an AMERICAN thing that I never celebrated until I arrived at Xavier's Institute. Thanksgiving is when the pilgrims went to america to conquer, blah blah blah, insert boring dates here, ate turkey with indians and got drunk. Well, I liked the getting drunk part, but slaving over a kitchen for a whole day to cook some rubbish bird that will be devoured in thirty seconds seemed rather pointless. Plus, this was during the time that Britian wanted the New World to be non-independent, so sharing an American holiday would might as well piss them off.

However, to my suprise, it went pretty well. I was chosen to make the turkey, and didn't a good job, if I may say so myself. Heres the beautiful picture I took:

However, the next couple of days I was trying to relax when My brother wanted to do some 'sister-brother' time. Well, out of legal circumstances, I cannot say what happened, but heres a picture that would describe the pain I am now in. However, after a full bottle of Advil and wine, I think I recovered. I am sorry to cut this explination short, but the lawyer doesn't want me to repeat anything else that had happened or I will be sued. So below is the humilating picture, and please, send me some sympathy!!

Here's the tattoo he made me get. Well it wasn't hard since he got me drunk first, but it hurt like hell. Please ignore the poor pedicure, for there are no good pedicurists in England. I can't wait to be home tommorrow!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 

Jolly Ol' England

I finally have this blog up and running, and I can proudly say I have done it all by my bloody lonesome too. Here I was, spending countless hours on a piece of rubbish known as my computer trying to figure out how to do this sort of thing. I mean, why the hell do you have to use HTML to change colors and such? It's just to bloody hard. I got so frustrated with it, I was simply going to put it out of it's misery by charging it with some psychic energy. With my unfortunate luck, my brother waltzed in at the precise moment of my attempt of a computer massacre and talked me out of it. What are lovely brothers for? (Note: Sarcasim was used in the last sentence, of course you twits!)

Well, of course my vacation in England has taken the wrong road of sorts, not literally of course luvs. I fear that I have, well, encountered certain individuals that I was hoping not to see in England. It is my vacation, for bloody's sake. While walking past the theatre downtown, I was trying to pass time before dinner at the manor by trying to tease the Harry Potter nerds to actually think they could date me. What a laugh! However, to my finding upon moving up the line, I caught a glimpse of that familar wave of blonde hair and scent that could only be described as "Look at My I'm beautiful and Selfish Perfume". Alright, so that was a horrible insult, but why was Emma attending a Harry Potter movie? Only losers go to that! I believe I'm going to have to have a serious talk with her upon my return back to Xavier's Mansion. No one that is almost comparable beautiful to me simply should not be hanging around that sort of joint. It's what trendsetters call, "Social Suicide". Come to think about this, I believe I saw that same strands of blonde hair at the Star Trek Convention. only had to use the restroom when I encountered the horrible plight that was bestowed on me. To my purple eyes, I spotted at least two thousand computer geeks dressed in futuristic outfits that they butched with their own sewing machine and speaking a language that I could not even comprehend. I was completely mortified that I ran out of the convention so fast I slipped on a patch of slippery sidewalk and well, you know the rest.

To my dismay, my brother had informed my that Jean Grey-Summers would be invited over for tea this afternoon. Well, I could possibly face her after attempting to steal her husband away from her, that I had to call in sick. Sure, I may sound like a horrible person, but Scott was rightfully mine! She just had to go and become the Pheonix and ruin everything. I don't blame Emma and her attempt to kill her. Then again, perhaps I shouldn't be awful to the person that has risen from the dead more times than I could ever achieve. Perhaps, she has a bit more power than I have, so does that mean I have to be a suck up? Bloody 'ell no. However, I should be nice just so that way if she does become evil and try to rule the world, I can gain control over Austrailia. Something about Kangaroos make me feel like I could become the next Hitler, yah know? So, tommorrow, I am planning to attempt to locate her and give her a full explination and apology. I mean what are friends for? Heres my apology Note:
Dear Jean,
I apologize sincerly that I attempted to steal your husband and that Emma is attempting to kill you. Please consider forgiving me by eating this wonderful muffin basket I had sent over directly from France.
Love your Dearest,
Elisabeth Braddock
P.S.- If you do happen to take over the world, Consider me the next leader of Austrailia. What a perfect Christmas present you could give me!
Don't Worry, Luvs. I shall return home soon. You need not to worry and cry in despair because of my absence, I will take the next flight home on Saturday.
Elisabeth Braddock

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